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Our company offers comprehensive web scraping and text mining services for accurate data collection, interpretation, comparison, composition, distribution, and relationship analysis.
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Uses of Web Scraping or Applications of Web Scraping

Job Postings and Internship Scraping: Gain valuable insights into the job market by scraping and analyzing job postings and internships.
Regular Retailer Website Scraping: Stay ahead of the competition by regularly scraping and monitoring retailer websites for pricing, product information, and promotions.
Online Reputation Monitoring: Monitor your online reputation and track what is being said about your business and brand on social networks, ensuring you can respond effectively to customer feedback.
Online Pricing Data Collection: Collect up-to-date pricing data from various online sources to help you make informed pricing decisions.
Stock Market Quotations and Exchange Rates: Stay informed about the latest stock market quotations and exchange rates to make better investment decisions.
Lead Generation from Online Business Directories: Extract valuable leads from popular online business directories such as YellowPages, WhitePages, Manta, and more.
Search Engine Ranking Analysis: Analyze search engine rankings to improve your website's visibility and optimize your SEO strategies.
Keyword and PPC Research: Conduct in-depth keyword research and PPC analysis to enhance your online advertising campaigns.
Meta Information Extraction: Extract meta information, including descriptions, keywords, and page titles, from websites to gain insights into competitors' strategies and optimize your own web pages.
Supplier Website Data Collection: Collect essential information such as price, quantity, item names, and descriptions from your suppliers' websites to streamline your procurement process.
Competitor Shipping Rate Analysis: Keep track of your competitors' shipping rates on major shopping sites to ensure your pricing remains competitive.
Real Estate Property Data Extraction: Extract valuable property information from real estate websites to support your market research and investment decisions.
Deal-of-the-Day Website Offers and Discounts: Extract offers and discounts from deal-of-the-day websites to identify potential business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.
Social Media and Forum Data Crawling: Crawl social media sites and forums to analyze and process rich data, empowering aggregators and product search engines.
Competitor Price Monitoring: Monitor competitor prices to adjust your pricing strategy and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Our cutting-edge scraping and text mining services make it easy to extract valuable data from anywebsite.With our powerful tools, we can quickly and accurately scrape both structured and unstructureddata, providing you with valuable insights into your target market.

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How much does a data extraction cost?

In the following tables you can see the estimation of prices according to data volume.

  • up to 5.000 records
  • up to 5 columns
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • 1 Source mined/scraped
Extra Basic
  • up to 5.000 records
  • up to 20 columns
  • 10 Days Delivery
  • 1 Source mined/scraped
  • up to 20.000 records
  • up to 20 columns
  • 7 Days Delivery
  • 2 Source mined/scraped
  • up to 100.000 records
  • up to 20 columns
  • 5 Days Delivery
  • 5 Source mined/scraped

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